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Addiction can be viewed as a Negative or a potential Positive.  You can be Addicted to Medicine and Study (18) hours per day.  You can be Addicted to Running and become an Olympic Runner.  You can be Addicted to being the Best and run a Large Factory.

Why not Replace some of our Opium Addictions with viable alternative like being an Engineer that works (18) hours per day.  Why not replace the High of Drugs with the High of being an Artist?  Why not replace the High of Heroin with the High of Helping other Human Beings?  

I feel that many Treatments have Failed because they don't identify the Nature of a Human being and they Amputate their Inner Souls.  Many people become Addicted to Numb the Outer World, while other Addicts are born Drug Addicted.  We come up with great Ideas how to Cure these people like, the "12 Step Programs" and we Forget their Inner Nature.  

The question we need to ask is-----How can we become Bigger than our Addictions and stay there?  How can we take that Drive that has Numbed Us for (15) hours per day and move that into an Arena that give us a Payoff?  

We can Detox a Person and put them in a Narcoleptic Coma for many days-----What happens when they go back to the Wife that Abuses them or the Horrible Job?   The Preface to the word Culture is Cult.  We need to bring the whole family into Counseling and find some Higher Grounds.   Some people are Addicted to being the Abuser and others are Addicted to Accept the Abuse.    

Some People are born with the Drive to get "High".  Some people are born with the Drive to "Check Out".  Some People are born with the Drive to be "Aggressive".  There is no easy answer to Addiction and many Claim to have the Answer.  We find in Education that many of our Addicted Gang Members can't read past a 4th. Grade Level.  We can teach many of these people to Read and when they come home they revert back to their old behaviors.  We forget to teach the whole family how to read.  We Forget why someone has chosen the Path of Cocaine.  There are many great treatments and how many include the whole family?  How many Treatments include the Patients Inner Nature?  How many Treatments transfer Addiction knowing that is their Inner Nature?



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