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Peer-Reviewed Research on Restoring Trust in Communities?

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Do we have any evidence-based ideas about restoring trust in professions and institutions that have caused harm in the past?

It is hard to convey to folks living in much more affluent cities and coastal regions of the country the desperation and worsening conditions in regions like along the Ohio River and where opioid, and alcohol, addictions dominate.

Good intentions and new programs from the same institutional, academic, professions and political actors that caused the opioid epidemic and bungled the covid response will be met with skepticism - at best. Sure, the money will be accepted; communities and families are desperate, but no one will really trust these actors anymore. Doctors prescribing painkillers that kill. Pharma companies extorting Medicare and Medicaid then abandoning the very same places that made their stakeholders hyper- wealthy. Government regulators and politicians that abrogated their public duties for career benefits. Medical businesses that sought profit over lives. The list is long and the actions clear.




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