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Monitoring Opioid Use and Mindfulness

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I learned more about the opioid crisis writing articles and researching the topic during my recent days as a MPH student at GWU Milken Institute School of Public Health. A few months ago, I joined a startup company as an unpaid intern because I believed in their mission to fight the opioid epidemic and provide better quality of care for pain patients. The tool is a collection of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) using questions frame-worked for behavioral health (mental and physical wellbeing). In addition, numerous mindfulness sessions for different conditions are provided for the patients to be used free by downloading the app. The goal is for providers to monitor patients on opiates and keep them within the guardrail and by complementing with mindfulness, and adding other evidenced based complementary/ integrative tools to reduce pain intensity and dosage when possible. The assessment is automatically sent out to the patient each month, so the provider can longitudinally track their patients to know how they are doing every month - the way I see this question from the doctor is interest asking so how are you doing this month. If you are a provider (Primary Care, Pain doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, etc.) looking for ways to monitor your patients on opioids and provide them with complementary mindfulness and other treatments, we are looking to start a study, so please let me know.  

There is ample evidence and studies showing the power of types of mindfulness sessions, including meta analysis and ongoing studies. The NIH Heal is also doing studies using mindfulness, including one for Opioid Use Disorder




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