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I am a former staff member of the NIDA Addiction Research Center who has studied addiction for over 50 years.  I am attaching a published article that I co-authored with Dr. Kenneth Blum, who is world-famous as the co-discoverer of the Reward Deficiency Syndrome--the relationship between dopamine deficiency and addiction.  We believe that combining his genetic methods and supplements with my neurofeedback for enhancing positive feelings, probably by activating the dopamine system, will greatly improve therapy for the addictions.  We have enough evidence to show that we can enhance happiness for at least 4 months with only 12 sessions of training.

As the developer of the Happi Focus Trainer ( and the Peak Achievement Trainer ( and a new approach to disseminating the technology for enhancing Focus, Alertness, and Mood, I do not have time to even consider applying for a grant again  My colleague, Dr. Sokhadze, has had five applications on addiction rejected by the NIH's inept process, so we won't deal with NIH EXCEPT as a direct non-competitive grantee or contractee, or a collaboration with your Intramural Program.  Can you rise to the challenge and create a study with us?




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