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Education About Family Genomic Vulnerability

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The research on medical matter education effecting subsequentbehavior change is inconclusive. Regarding addiction, let alone opioids - I know of little of use and scan the literature everyday. However, nothing is more factual, determinant and inherited than the genetic vulnerabilities - 50% from father/ 50% from mother.

There is always a responsibility to share the medical and biological facts, e.g.,

- Although opioid dependence (OD) is more prevalent in men, opioid relapse and fatal opioid overdoses have recently increased at a higher rate among women.

- Epigenetic mechanisms have been implicated in the etiology of OD,

- Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been widely used to identify genetic factors that predispose to drug dependence10. GWASs from our lab have identified risk variants for OD; the most compelling implicated potassium and calcium signaling

There is no need to get "into the weeds" and geeky details but...some knowledge sharing might help.

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